Monday, March 25, 2013

Bus ride, oh bus ride

Here in Ireland we spend A LOT of time on the bus. In between all the gorgeous sight seeing and exciting adventures, we're stuck on the road with our bus driver Owen. Needless to say, one's mind tends to wander in bordem as time goes on.
Yeats Country

This poem entitled, "Bus ride, oh bus ride", came to me as we were traveling through Yeats Country... The same breathtaking landscapes that inspired famed Irish poet W.B. Yeats' poetry.

Bus ride, oh bus ride
How long will you last?
It's been several hours
And you don't drive very fast

Field after field
Sheep after sheep
My bladder must yield
Our wonderful coach bus
And oh how I weep

The hum of your engine
The groan if your gears 
I wish I had headphones
To save my precious ears

I try to get some rest
As my butt falls asleep
But Owen's braking isn't the best
And awake I must keep

Bus ride, oh bus ride
When will we be home?
Dave can only talk so long
Before his mouth begins to foam

To Louisbergh we go
We'll get there, I know
Bus ride, oh bus ride
Go faster, you're slow

-W. Chase Knauer

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