Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mörderballaden/Murder Ballads

After a full morning of classes on Thursday, during which Kate and Mariah demonstrated to the German students how to administer an enema, we prepared to go to the Leipzig Opera House to see "Mörderballaden", a modern dance performance based on the album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds called Murder Ballads. We all dressed up, as did most of the audience. However, some of the people from the Wave Gothic Festival were also there, which helped to set the macabre mood! 
The interior of the opera house was astonishing. A spiral staircase brought us to the top floor, where there was a gigantic and beautiful chandelier. We were in the 37th and 38th row, near the back, but we had a great view of the stage, which featured a large pond. As we waited there were pond noises which made us feel right at home. As the ballet began, a girl walked and then ran through a forest created with three clear curtains with trees printed on them. It looked magical. It didn't really have a sad tone despite how dark it was. The dancers were dressed in modern costume until the end, when they wore more traditional poofy tutus, but went skidding through the artificial pond and came out sopping wet. There were some really interesting effects with lighting from below and through different materials, like a transparent screen with a projection of a girl's face on it. My favorite scene was at the end when they were in tutus, when it returned to the forest backdrop and it was snowing. It was mystic. When the show was over , the dancers bowed. They bowed about ten times! We thought they would never stop. Our overall conclusion was that Mörderballaden was an interesting combination of dark murder and beautiful dance scenes. We had a great time and loved having the opportunity to dress up! --Dawn

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