Monday, May 20, 2013

Fahrradtour/Bike Tour zum Cospudener See

Today we went on a bike ride to the nearby lake. My day started a little rough. Because of the lack of communication to the outside world (my host was home for the holiday) I couldn't let anyone know my bike was locked up, and I didn't have the key. So I went to my sister, Dawn's apartment to meet Karen with the news. Karen's host had an extra bike at home, so I rode on the back of Karen's bike (all metal rack, feet up) all the way there. Eventually we got on our way with the rest of the group.
The bike ride was very nice. For a city with half a million people, they have a lot of woods and trails to ride through that are also well kept. We passed a big area where Bärlauch, or wild garlic, was blooming. The woods actually smelled like garlic. On the way we were tricked by Surab, one of the students, who told us to run across a structure that sprayed water at us.... very cool though. There was also an awesome little park that had mini rope climbing and jungle gym made all of wooden branches.
We arrived at the lake but it was very windy, so we sheltered behind some trees for our picnic. We had delicious salads, meatballs, felafel and desserts. To work it off, we played Fußball, or soccer, in the sand. After two rounds we were all worn out and sandy; some of us even took naps on the beach. Then we headed out again going around the lake to a lookout tower which you could climb all the way up and see a fantastic view of the lake, Leipzig, and the surrounding towns. Since it was a holiday, the lake was full of people practicing windsurfing and parasailing. We saw a lot more woods, some bison and people canoeing on the way back. Again, for a big city, it sure has a small town feel.
We were invited to have dinner at the home of one of the teachers from the Berufsfachschule (school). Anja had a barbecue for us with again some delicious salads. The food here has been great so far, and also especially healthy. The people we have met have also been very welcoming and hospitable. --Ashley

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