Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wilkommen in Leipzig

Leipzig...what a place! When I thought of Germany before coming here I thought it was only men with bushy beards drinking beer...but it is more than that.
Today we took a walking tour of the city and it was so interesting to see the mix of architecture. You have the classic castles, churches, the communist apartment buildings, and the new (modern) skyscrapers.
Old City Hall, Leipzig
Wunderbar!!! They get off most on the same music we do (think Maclamore, Rhianna, Justin Bieber), they have most of the same brands we do, and they enjoy carbs!!!
We walk or take the tram (think Lightrail) everywhere we go to get daily exercise because most people in Leipzig walk, bike, or take public transportation. There are bike lanes everywhere and you had better stay out of them because people go flying by you at 25 mph. Definitely a healthier lifestyle.
So far we have already attended classes (we even got to teach a little bit), toured the city and played ultimate Frisbee with the students. This weekend we are going to go to the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, a museum all about the Peaceful Revolution that started here in Leipzig and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany; see the Gothic festival, tour old churches, swim, visit Berlin, and experience student life in Germany!
We are very well taken care of by everyone we meet. I don't feel excluded because most students speak English well enough to communicate. The cafeteria people are extremely hospitable, and our host families are the greatest!
Have I mentioned food yet? Because you can't put into words how good the food and drinks are! Katelyn

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