Sunday, May 26, 2013


Well the weather was definitely not ideal for exploring the beautiful city of Dresden. But being the great Minnesotans we are we didn't let a little cold wind stop us (and later rain). So we started off the tour seeing the beautiful church of our lady Mary.  A wedding was being held there that morning so the church wasn't open to visitors. It would be absolutely incredible to be married in the church. After that we walked to another church and on the way saw a huge mosaic on the side of a building that illustrated many royal figures from Dresden.

 The church we finally got to was another incredible sight with many statues of saints adorning the roof. It is a Catholic Church that had to be kept secret during construction since Dresden is primarily Protestant. After that we took a walk through a kind of courtyard that used to have orange trees growing. (Maybe they still do grow but we didn't see any). The courtyard was beautiful with Greek mythological statues all over and incredible views of the city. After pretending to be royal and promenade around we headed to a museum that had tons of art from the royals of Germany. So many intricate statues, boxes, plates, and figurines that were incredible. It seemed that everything was made of ivory, gold, silver, or had jewels all over. Needless to say I left feeling quite poor. 
We also got to see a Turkish display of old weapons and armor as well as a display of Medieval armor. The more I see medieval armor the more I am amazed that people could even move in it. After the art museum we went back to the church of our lady and got to walk around inside. It's really cool to see how great of a job they did restoring the church after it was essentially bombed to bits during World War Two. So after the long day in Dresden we headed home. I would love to go back someday when the weather is nicer. It's a very cool city. I can't believe the exchange is almost over. It feels like we just got here and I don't know what I will do without doner!! I've become addicted to the cheapness and deliciousness of them. I'll end with a cool quote that Anja told us about Dresden.  It is said that people go to Chemnitz (a town in Saxony) to work, they go to Leipzig to trade, and they go to Dresden to live and experience culture.

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