Monday, April 28, 2014

Bucket Lists

By Willie Brakke

I have never come up with a bucket list before this trip. I have always liked the idea, and I have a number of things that I would put on my life bucket list such as go to machu piccu or climb in Yosemite.

I decided to make an Ireland bucket list about 3 months before I left, and here is an abridged version of said list.

1. Buy a sweater
2. Climb Crough Patrick bare foot
3. Go rock climbing outside and not sustain any injuries
4. Sleep outside
5. Surf
6. Get so lost that I have to ask for directions
7. Do art
8. Send Letters
9. Chase a rainbow
10. Eat dinner with an Irish family or person in their home

How much of this have I done? Not much. I have been here for well over a month and I have completed 3 of the list above (1,3, and 8).

Number 1 was completed on the South trip. I know what you are thinking, and yes it has elbow patches, but it also has shoulder patches!

Number 3 has been a project. I have found a few places to climb outside, and I am planning on finding a climbing gym while on spring break.

8 has also been an ongoing process, and I realize that I have not written as many letters as I would have liked, but hey it is a work in progress.

Am I disappointed? No, I know that I will get the ones done that I am supposed to get done. I don’t see it as a list of things that I need to do, more as a list of suggestions, a gentle nudge in the direction of adventure.

This weekend I intend to complete numbers 4, 6, maybe 9 and hopefully a little more 3. There is a place to camp not too far from where we are staying in Louisburgh, and near there there is an abandon stone building that I hope to climb around on.

As always comments and feedback is appreciated.

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