Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ocean Life

By Sadie Ellenson

The fresh ocean air hits my face. As I walk along, I can’t help, but think about how much the ocean and its shores are related in life.

Rocks. They can represent what is in our life like the events. Some events in our lives are HUGE others are small. Some of the obstacles in life makes us wobbly. Others make us jagged. There are happenings that are smooth that allow us to carry on. There are life events that are just like the gorgeous white rocks that erase all the bad and ugly ones.

The sand is all the in between parts in life. The time where we are living without interruptions and without many of the major and minor events. The sand is how we are able to keep moving. So many events, good or bad, would wear a person out. The sand keeps consistency and sanity.

The best part is that everyone has different rock formations and different amounts of sand in their life. Some people have had bigger life events. Some people have had a lot of smaller events that are the size of a bigger rock. Other people have had so many wobbly and jagged events that they are being worn out by the constant beating. There are also people who have had the smooth and sturdy events without a snaggy one. And of course there is a mixture.

People act the way they do because of their rock formations. The way we react to the different rocks in life and the way we chose to build the formations, makes us who we are.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through things. We are made the people we are today not by the situations in life, but how we react to them.

.....We can chose to let our rocks pile up OR we can chose to let the water wash them away as quickly as they came....

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