Friday, May 2, 2014

Springtime in Ireland

By Regan Holmes Katz

Think of the most perfect day (weather wise) during a Minnesota summer. That’s what we had for the past few days over here in Ireland. The sun has been shining, winds were calm and it was right around 60 degrees. Absolutely beautiful weather. For our second class on Tuesday, we decided to have class outside the cottages at picnic tables. After class we had an impromptu review session for a midterm test we had in a different class. For the review session we drew on the side of a cottage with sidewalk chalk. It worked out surprisingly well.

A few of us students went out to a local beach and took pictures of the sunset over the ocean. As you can see it was absolutely beautiful.

Spring is definitely here in Ireland! The fields look a little bit greener, the leaves on trees are starting to come out, and flowers are blooming. Another big hint that spring is in the air; all you need to do is look in any sheep field. You will see so many baby lambs! I can’t believe how fast they grow! Just last week there was only a handful. Now there are three times as many! The early lambs are so big compared to the new baby ones! They have the cutest pink little ears and their wool is snow white! So adorable! In case you don’t believe me that spring has arrived, here are a few pictures of some flowers and little lambs.

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