Saturday, June 20, 2015

Semana Cinco

We all began our pasantías this week. Pasantía is a Spanish word that roughly translates to 

"passing through social practice with a critical eye and with a sense of personal fulfillment"

In English our activities this week would be described as an internship or as service learning.

Each of us had the choice of various sites throughout Cuernavaca that focused on different areas of the community and different specialties. The sites included the Kindergarten at La Estación, a public and private hospital, a local clinic, a rehabilitation center, Casa Hogar (an orphanage), and the Quest Mexico NGO. Since there were so many different locations and each of us has a different area of study, we split up into groups and chose locations based on our areas of study. 
While both of us (Heather and Laura) could have easily written a whole blog about our personal experiences at our pasantías we thought it would be a lot more interesting to provide a little insight into the varied experience of everyone in our group: 


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